We are not professional Padel players and have no desire to be! Our love for Padel has grown over the years, but we were always left wanting more from the gear available. That's why we created Twenty One. It started with meeting our own needs, and soon, as friends and family showed interest, we knew it was something special that needed to be shared with the world.


We see design as an adventure. It's about keeping things simple but making them stand out. Our philosophy is not just a guideline; it's a challenge we embrace as we create, grow and evolve as a brand.


We're not about chasing trends. Instead, our focus is on crafting gear that will remain your favorite for years. Quality, top materials, and peak performance are the heart of Twenty One, ensuring you enjoy every moment on the court. Our aim goes beyond products; we're building a global community where a shared love for Padel, play, and exceptional design unites us all.